Can’t Do Nothing

Why does
Genocide subsist?

Why must we persist
On keeping them alive?

So advanced
So we think
Yet our minds still divide us

While our tireless hearts are relentless to bind us

Forever through Compassion and Service
Connection is the key
Yet it still makes us nervous

To follow the path
Of meaning and purpose

It all starts from the Soul
From our Spirit
Our Essence

We must allow the world around us
To unwrap our presence

To Love from the place where
Time and space don’t exist
Where fear is a memory we don’t reminisce

No longer resist
And learn surrender
The most powerful voice
Is the one that is tender

The one that is kind
The one that we all must
So desperately find

Love straight from your Core
Love as hard as you Can

Because You Can
And you Must

You Must

This goes deeper than trust
Because trust is a Choice
And there’s no choice in this matter

To love is to live and to live is to breath
Each inhale and exhale a Chance to achieve
What you’ve always believed

That it’s worth it
This life of unspeakable pain

The reason you get up
Again and again

And again you continue
To laugh and to smile

To embrace those you love every once in awhile

To hurt
And to ache
And to cry and to scream

Even then

Even then when you’re down on your knees
Even then when you kneel

Every part of your lifeblood
Is happy to feel something pumping
And flowing

Because Love keeps it going
And Love keeps us growing

It keeps us alive
With divinity showing
Us Love is the Source

It is I
It is We
It is Us
It is Them

It is You
It is Me

Don’t you see how it’s clear
When you look from your heart
That there’s nothing that
Actually sets us apart

Dear brother
We all are a part of each other

There’s no side to pick
And no ‘cide to fix
What has never been broken

Don’t waste your time flipping
A one-sided token
There’s never a Chance
That Love’s not the Winner

There are infinite ways
You can bring it to Light
Try hugging each other other with all of your might

All of your might

If Love is your Answer you’ll always be right
No matter the question
It’s truly that simple

There’s just one direction
Tap into the good
Of your truest Intention

And never forget
You’re God’s greatest invention

Believe it, it’s True!
I know ain’t that something
So what will you do now?

Because You Can’t Do Nothing

2 thoughts on “Can’t Do Nothing

  1. I came across this beautiful message today at a time it was really needed. Thank you so much for your courage to feel, write, and share these words. They are certainly welcome in my heart.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing, very happy to know these words have a positive impact


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