Kin #96 Yellow Overtone Warrior

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

~ Jack Canfield


Yellow Overtone Warrior

I Empower in order to Question,
Commanding Fearlessness.
I seal the Output of Intelligence
With the Overtone tone of Radiance.

I am guided by the power of Flowering.

yellow overtone warrior

Yellow Overtone Warrior Oracle:
Analog – Blue Night
Guide – Yellow Seed
Antipode – White Worldbridger

Occult – Red Serpent

Day 5 of the 13-day Yellow Human Wavespell

A brief recap of the Yellow Human wavespell shows the divine order in the progression of the daily energetics:

Day 1: Yellow Magnetic Human – The purpose to understand what it means to be a human being with Free Will.

Day 2: Red Lunar Skywalker – The challenge to explore being a spiritual being while remaining stabilized and grounded in being a human being.

Day 3: White Electric Wizard – Activating the eternal power of our Self to conjure timeless magic as the human.

Day 4: Blue Self-Existing Eagle – Applying definition and form to our creative vision.

That brings us to today, Day 5, the Yellow Overtone Warrior, who reminds us, or rather commands us, to ask all the questions we need to make intelligent choices for how to fearlessly move forward in producing our creative visions.

The Warrior knows that battles are won long before he ever steps into engagement, having trained, practiced, visualized, studied, prayed, and done anything else to prepare him to take bold and confident actions.

The Warrior also knows that his greatest enemy is not another person, but rather his fear and doubt of his own abilities.

We all share this great enemy of fear, but the beauty of it is that it can always be defeated, and all it takes to reign victorious is to choose to do so.

Fear can feel debilitating sometimes, stopping us dead in our tracks of accessing whatever it is we want for our lives. Once we get past the feeling of fear, we can move into the cognizant recognition of what it actually is.

And only once it’s clearly defined can it be addressed, processed, and transmuted.

Looking at what fear actually is, we see a breakthrough that empowers our actions and completely changes the context:

Fear is not real.

Sure, it might feel real, but the reality is that we, as unique emanations of divine Source, are the Creators of our world, with the ability to manifest and cultivate what our hearts truly desire.

The presence of fear may give us pause, but it never takes away the undeniable truth of our ability to access what’s on the other side.

We’re afraid of not being loved, but we are love.
We’re afraid of not having enough, but we are everything.
We’re afraid of not being fulfilled, but we are the entirety of our Self.

We’ve created artificial systems to disconnect us from our power to create – our divinity – and in turn, we’ve constructed walls of doubt that block us from accessing that power.

But just as we’ve built those walls, we can break them down.

Like a treasure hunt to discover who we are, every question asked channels our inner Warrior and takes us one step closer to remembering the full capacity of our divine intelligence – namely, to remembering our Self.

Once we shed our skin of doubt and apprehension, what remains is a radiant Light that can do nothing else but shine fearlessly upon the world.


Intelligence, Empowerment, Fearlessness


1) Think about what you’re most afraid of. Feel the fear acutely – where is it, what does it feel like, what shape is it, what color is it etc. Look at it, talk to it, and ask it questions to understand why it’s there. Be with it until you get to the heart of understanding it, then call upon your inner Warrior to banish it away as you don’t need it anymore.

Banner of Peace


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